Welcome to Strong Sounds, and thanks for stopping by. We’re a team of experienced musicians, producers, and recording engineers. On this page, you’ll be able to read a little more about each of us!

Combined, the Strong Sounds contributor team has performed hundreds of shows internationally, including tours and festivals. 

We have a huge wealth of music industry experience as well as many years behind us crafting our own sound behind our respective instruments.

Having decades of experience practicing and teaching, we have encountered plenty of setbacks and taken long routes to become adept at our musical instruments. 

We set up this site with a clear goal in mind – to provide high-quality and informative musical instrument guides, tips, reviews, and lessons to help you reach your full potential. 

Additionally, we also know what sounds good, and what types of gear will allow you to achieve a particular sound. There’s a ton of choice out there when it comes to musical instruments. We’re also here to separate the good from the bad, to help you to make informed buying decisions no matter your budget. 

Watch Gideon and Jacob In Action:

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