5 Best Epiphone Guitars

Best Epiphone Guitars

There’s no denying the brilliance of Gibson guitars, but for many musicians, they’re not the most affordable instruments out there. That’s why the manufacturer uses its sibling company, Epiphone, to release more accessible versions of its legendary models. 

In recent years, Epiphone’s range of guitars has improved dramatically. The components used to construct these instruments are of very high quality, especially considering their affordability. 

If you would like to experience the classic sound of a Les Paul, the effortless playability of a 335, or the red-hot tone of an SG while sticking to your budget, you’ll find some great options in this guide. 

How we tested:

These Epiphone guitars were subjected to a rigorous testing process before making it onto our list. This involved monitoring the frequency output and tone they produced through a range of solid-state and tube amps, and with a variety of effects pedals.  

Next, we assessed their suitability for lead and rhythm playing while testing the speed that the necks played at and how comfortable their body and overall design were. We then looked at the quality and durability of components such as the bridge and tuning machines. 

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