6 Best Mini Amplifiers and Pocket Amps for Guitars

Mini Amplifiers and Pocket Amps for Guitars

Pocket amplifiers are perfect for anyone who needs to hear the sound of their electric guitar but doesn’t need to fill any more space than a small room.

Bedroom guitarists may appreciate a mini amp for when they want to play late into the night without disturbing their neighbors. They are also perfect if you plan to travel with your electric guitar or just want some added sound without shaking the walls!

The best mini amplifiers and pocket amps for guitarists should be scaled-down versions of standard-sized amps. Though lightweight and discreet, they should have the same capabilities as larger models, including providing high volumes without distortion and at least two recording channels.

In this article, we’ll discuss six of the best mini amps and pocket amps for electric and electric-acoustic guitars, along with factors to consider before you buy. Let’s get started!

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