The Best Vocal Range Test Apps and Websites


If you are serious about singing, knowing your vocal range is vital, because it allows you to understand your voice properly. For example, knowing whether you have a bass, baritone, tenor, countertenor, contralto, mezzo-soprano, or soprano voice type can help you to know the types of songs you should be singing for best results.


Your vocal range is calculated by identifying the lowest and highest notes you are able to sing. Once you know your range, you can choose songs that suit your vocal range, identify the styles of music that best suit your voice type, pinpoint where your voice is strongest and where it is weakest, and optimize your vocal performances.

The good news is, thanks to various modern websites and apps, it is now easier than ever to find your vocal range and learn other valuable information about your singing voice. In this article, we provide a list of some of the best vocal range test app and website options, and offer information about what each option can offer you.

1. Sing Sharp App (Android / iOS)

sing sharp app

Sing Sharp is an awesome pitch detection app, rather than a dedicated vocal range test app, and it’s super useful for finding your vocal range. Assuming you have a microphone on the device you are using, the app will allow you to sing notes and then display the note you sang on screen.

Using the app, sing the lowest note you are able to sing, followed by the highest note you are able to sing and make a note of what is displayed. From there, you can use the handy vocal range chart on the Sing Sharp website to find out your voice type, and this will then allow you to better understand your voice and the songs you should sing.

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2. Range Finder by Ramsey Voice Studio

Range Finder by Ramsey Voice Studio

Range Finder is a helpful online tool from Ramsey Voice Studio, which allows you to access a voice range tester through your web browser. You will need to use a device that has a microphone. Once the page loads, you should see two microphone icons. Clicking on these begins the recording process.

To test your vocal range, click on the first icon and then sing the lowest note you can sing into your microphone. Then, click on the second icon and sing the highest note you can sing. Once you have done both, you will be asked to provide an email address and your results will then be sent to you via email.

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3. MyEarTraining App (Android / iOS)

MyEarTraining App (Android / iOS)

If you have more advanced needs for a singing app, look no further than MyEarTraining, which offers a range of ear training exercises and singing lessons, teaching you about intervals, scales, chord progressions and much more, while also allowing you to work on skills related to rhythm and tone.

Along with the various other exercises and singing lessons included within the app, MyEarTraining also includes a vocal range finder, helping you to identify the range of notes you are able to sing. Best of all, once you use this, the singing exercises on the app are adapted to suit your vocal range.

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4. Playback FM Vocal Range & Famous Singer Match

playback FM range finder

If you would prefer to use a website rather than an app, Playback FM has a quick and easy-to-use feature that can help you out. The Vocal Range & Famous Singer Match tool provides you with a useful video that you can sing along with, in order to identify the lowest and highest notes that you are able to sing.

Once you have identified these notes, simply use the web page’s drop down menus to enter your vocal range. The tool will then tell you your vocal type, your octave range, and the number of piano keys your voice can span. As a neat extra feature, it also identifies a famous singer whose vocal range most closely matches your own.

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5. Vocal Nebula Vocal Range Finder

vocal nebula website

The Vocal Nebula website includes a page that walks you through how to find your vocal range. It includes an instructional video, which explains everything you need to know about vocal range testing, along with an in-depth written guide. As you make your way through the instructions, you will be asked to conduct a test.

You can use a piano or keyboard for this, although scale videos are also offered on the page. Once you know what notes you are able to sing, you can compare your results with the table provided. This will then help you to understand both your range and your voice type. This is an especially good option if you do not have access to a microphone.

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6. Singing Carrots Voice Range Tester

singing carrots website

The vocal range test from the Singing Carrots website is another quick and easy way to test your vocal range within your web browser, without the need to download an app. When using the page, you will be asked to sing some notes into your microphone and these notes are then presented to you in visual form.

From there, the tool will be able to tell you what your vocal range is and it will then use its own internal database to identify singers with a similar range. A separate tool on the website then takes this a step further, helping you to pinpoint some popular songs that would suit someone with the vocal range that you have.

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7. Vocal Range Vocaberry App (Android / iOS)

Vocal Range Vocaberry App (Android / iOS)

Available for both Android and iOS, Vocal Range Vocaberry is specifically designed to test your vocal range and conduct an analysis of your singing voice. As with many other apps of this kind, your actual vocal range is detected through a quick process, where you sing the highest and lowest notes you are able to hold.

What sets Vocal Range Vocaberry apart from many other voice type app options is the additional information provided. For instance, the app can tell you the voice type you have, provide you with a list of artists that have a similar vocal range, and also a list of the most suitable songs for you to sing, complete with YouTube links.

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8. Vanido App (iOS)

Vanido app

Vanido is a singing coach app that is available for iOS devices. Making use of real-time visual pitch detection technology, it is able to register the note you are singing and display it on screen. In addition to providing a range of vocal exercises that are designed to help enhance your singing technique, it also offers vocal range testing.

The app is free and intended to be used with headphones that have a built-in microphone. The vocal range test simply detects the lowest and highest notes you are able to sing, before calculating the distance between them. Vanido can also identify which voice type you have, making it easier to select songs.

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I Would Prefer to Find My Vocal Range Manually – What’s My Vocal Range?

If you would prefer to find your voice range manually, the best way to do this is to use a piano, keyboard or guitar. On your chosen instrument, you need to find middle C, which is also known as C4. On a piano or keyboard, this will be the C that is closest to the center. On a guitar, it can be played on the first fret on the second string.

As an alternative to this, you can look up videos on YouTube that start at middle C and play through the notes.

Starting from middle C, work your way down the various notes, singing along with each. Find the lowest note that you are able to sing, then go back to middle C and work your way up and find the highest note you can sing. This will then tell you your vocal range, and you can search online if you would like to find out more about your voice type.

Adopting the manual approach may be more complicated than using a voice-type app, but it can also be more accurate as long as you know what you are doing. This is because apps may incorrectly identify certain notes, especially if you do not sing into the microphone at the right volume, or if background sounds interfere with your test.

Final Thoughts

Your vocal range tells you the range of notes you are able to sing and you can use this information to identify your voice type. From there, you can make more informed decisions about the styles of music you focus on, the songs you sing, and the artists you attempt to sing along with, giving you the best chance of optimizing performance.

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